Schroth Profi II-6 6 Point Harness


Schroth 6 point harness for your race car!



The Profi II-6 is our most popular belt. It is the perfect solution for a touring car. It features the 2″ lap Flexi Lap Belt, the T-bar sub strap and the standard 3″ shoulder belts. All points are wrapped in, so you can add almost any end fitting for your specific application. If you’re looking for a HANS specific solution, look to the Profi II-6 HANS, shown above.

The main premise behind the 2″ lap belt is one of added safety. A 2″ belt rides within the crest of the human pelvis where a 3″ belt would rest on the edges. This allows you to get the belt up to an inch and a half tighter. That means the lap belt will be working earlier in the accident event because it gets loaded faster. It’s also more comfortable and easier to adjust becuase there’s less friction through the adjuster.

Another feature unique to the Profi Series 2″ lap belts is the “Flexi Belt”. The End Fittings and Cam Latches are wrapped into the harness, making it so that the lap belt can be changed from a Pull Up configuration to a Pull Down. This allows you to set the belt up just the way you want it for your specific situation. It also allows for Bolt In brackets to be wrapped in for the lap belts if needed. Snap in brackets come standard on the laps.

Comes with Snap-In attachments at Lap and Sub points. The Shoulders come ready to be wrapped around a roll-bar. Snap or Bolt attachments can be purchased separately. Available in Black, Blue, Red, and Silver.


Cam Lock Fixed Point

  • Anti-Sub Strap

End Fittings

  • Shoulder: LV7 Wrap
  • Lap: LV4 with B14 Wrapped-in
  • Subs: LV4 with B14 Wrapped-in

Included Hardware

  • 4 SG23 7/16″ Eyebolts
  • 8 S3 Washers
  • 2 SG39 Reinforcement Plates


  • FIA tags standard

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 6 in

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