KazeSpec Engineering Aluminum Street Splitter Brackets for Miatas


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We’ve released a street splitter kit for those of you not running airdams on NA Miatas.  This can be used with the GV, R package, and many other lips.  Constructed from aluminum to keep things light, these splitter brackets also feature heavy duty quick release pins to make installation and removal a breeze!  Splitter brackets come powdercoated a prismatic orange color for the main bracket.  For an additional cost of $249+75 shipping in the continental US, Racebred Components birch honeycomb splitters as well with our own specific profile or any other available profile.  Racebred Components splitters are available on the site. For splitters that may be larger or require more bracing (i.e. ABS plastic, fiberglass, etc), support rods can be purchased and installed onto the main bracket.

For NBs, an additional hole in the frame rail must be drilled in order to use these brackets.  You can then install a rivnut or insert a nut through the frame rail from the front, which will require removal of the bumper support to do so.


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Dimensions 14 × 14 × 7 in

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