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Introducing one of the few properly designed oil catch cans on the market! Unlike others, this oil catch can is designed to work on cars with ITBs, forced induction, or traditional NA! This oil catch can features 2 chambers; a vented chamber for the fresh air intake port of the valve cover, and a closed chamber for the manifold side. Utilizing the PCV concept, this oil catch can will ensure no oil makes it to the intake valves. The result is cleaner air, and less carbon buildup. Other properly designed oil catch cans (take Radium’s for example) are quite expensive, and ours are no exception, but you get what you pay for! The amount of work to design, create, and weld are what amount to the higher cost.  Here is a breakdown of what makes our oil catch can unique:

  • 2 chambers in 1 can
  • Properly designed to work with all cars
  • Utilizes the car’s original PCV system
  • Drain at the bottom, can be plumbed into oil pan
  • Both chambers baffled correctly
  • Will come with hardware and 10 ft of reinforced rubber hose, and routing diagrams for ITB, NA, FI

This catch can will not work with stock airbox, supercharger, or Racing Beat intakes.  It will work with AEM, coldside, and most turbochargers.  All catch cans are made to order.


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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 5 in
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